Green Smoothie Meal Replacement


This is such an amazing green smoothie, I love it.
Green juices/smoothies are so good for you because of the high fiber content.
You could have a green smoothie as a pre/post workout snack or even as a meal replacement. If you want to have a green juice/smoothie as a meal replacement, you must always remember to include healthy fats and proteins so it keeps you fuller for longer.  Some healthy fats to add to your smoothie are avocado, chia seeds, almond butter and many others.. Proteins include oats, chia seeds, hemp seeds etc.. Healthy fats are so good for you because they help boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels up! Proteins are important as they help repair your muscles. The ingredients in this green smoothie are such a good combination, you can always change and replace some of the ingredients with your choice of favourite fruits,fats,proteins and greens.


● 1 cup spinach
● 1 cup almond milk ( or any plant-based milk )
● 1 cup berries
● 1 apple
● 1 tablespoon almond butter + 1/4 cup rolled oats


Blend the spinach and almond milk together until smooth.
Then add in the remaining ingredients, blend until smooth.

If you want to make this smoothie cold, simply add frozen fruits.


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