Fig & Walnut Salad


I usually eat salads for lunch everyday, but I like to change up the ingredients from time to time just so I don’t get too bored with eating the same things over and over again. Continue reading


Vegan Red Lentil & Broccoli Stew


I’ve been making the same recipes over and over for the past week which is quite boring. So I decided I was going to make something different for dinner tonight!
I made this delicious red lentil and broccoli kind of stew and it was perfect since it was cold and rainy outside, it definitely warmed me up!  Continue reading

Zucchini Noodles with Mushroom Tomato Sauce (Vegan)


I was inspired to do this recipe by Deliciously Ella.
I love her blog, I find so many recipes there. I tried a few of them already and they were all so good and tasty!   Continue reading

Butternut & Red Lentil Stew


I came up with this delicious recipe today.
I wanted to use butternut and red lentils. So I decided to make a Butternut and Lentil Stew. It’s the easiest dish to make, it only takes a few minutes to get everything ready and then you just need to let it cook in the oven for about an hour.
So there isn’t much to do!  Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Salad

I’ve been looking for some good quinoa recipes lately, and I found this one on Pinterest.
If you like quinoa, you have to try this! In addition to being super healthy and tasty, it’s so easy to make.
Continue reading